About Me

My name is Chance Knight. I’m a creator of fictional truths. Storytelling has always been my passion. From the white lie of a young child to the thriving worlds of fantasy and science fiction I craft now, the ever changing craft of a writer has defined who I am. I’ve started this blog as a way to share my writing process with the world. To show step-by-step how I fashion the fictional universes I spend so much time inhabiting.

I’ll post tips and methods, based off my own experiences. I’ll link to amazing writing resources I find, share pictures and music that inspires me, and give my thoughts on what it means to be a writer. You’ll be able to watch as vague shapes get tossed around in a tumultuous sea of ideas until they become the ships that’ll carry my plots forward. So stick around, send me a message, leave a comment.

Let’s start an adventure.



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