What Exactly Is Brave Albion? A Brief Description

So, the question remains. What exactly is Brave Albion? Well, it’s the title of the series I’m currently writing, a fantasy story set in a world of magic books called historias. The first book is currently in the works and will be titled Brave Historia. For the reason behind the title, you’ll just have to stick around to find out. Here’s a basic synopsis of Book One in the Brave Albion Chronicles:

Anya loves to read. Her remarkable memory has allowed her to remember every word she’s ever read. But it’s dangerous to love books in a world where only the nobility are allowed to own them and any other literate person is forced to become a Librarian: bookhunters tasked with tracking down the rarest novels known as historias. As the daughter of a Librarian, she knows full well the dangers of someone finding out that she can read.

But one day, as her father delivers a strange, untitled historia on what appears to be a routine assignment, she suddenly loses hours of her time in an instant. All just after reading the book’s first few lines. Anya’s curiosity sets her on a path of secrets and riddles, shady allegiances and ancient stories. A path where nothing is as it seems. With the help of her kleptomaniac brother she’ll set out to discover the truth: of the book, the nature of magic, and herself.

Thanks for reading and I hope that piqued your interest. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to ask questions. I hope to hear from you.


3 thoughts on “What Exactly Is Brave Albion? A Brief Description

      • I might politely suggest a cursory edit first, so it’s not actually painful to read… As someone who’s been writing Nanowrimo novels a long time, I think exposing someone to the first draft without at least running spell check is cruel and unusual punishment. At least any of mine…


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